torchwood: broken. joseph lidster

BF Torchwood’s acquiring more and more depth as it progresses to the season 2 finale. ‘Moving Target’ was exceptional and sooo ‘torchwood’ in handling situations, but it lacked raw emotions. Honestly, Suzie is a heartless killing machine when compared to vulnerable Ianto who hides everything behind a steel wall.

You know, even 9 years after watching TV series there is a scene that’s stuck in my head - when in Greeks Bearing Gifts Tosh gets a trinket that grants ability to read minds and catches a glimpse of Ianto’s thoughts:

There isn’t an inch of me that doesn’t hurt.

And then he offers Tosh a cup of coffee, managing a smile. Like nothing happened.
In that moment my heart ached for Ianto and everything he has to hide every day and go on like there’s no pain that tears him up from the inside. I can’t fully comprehend Ianto’s situation, but I guess everyone has an idea of inner monster that’s eager to slowly poison you with thoughts and push you closer to the edge. Losing people dear to your heart does that.

“Broken” wholeheartedly delves into Ianto’s pain after Lisa’s death, recollecting the events behind season 1 episodes - Cyberwoman, Countrycide, Greeks Bearing Gifts - and eventually focuses on Jack. I’ve never been a fan of their partnership, but they’re perfect for each other when it comes to balance. The book’s finale pretty much covers how it’d all started - and oooh, isn’t it hot! And desperate. Best combination, eh?



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